Great news: no more Azure shadow tenants

I told you how difficult it was to get rid of my three Azure shadow tenants. The good news is two-fold:

  1. If you get invited as a guest to a Teams, Microsoft will give you many opportunities, not to create a shadow tenant.
  2. If you have an inactive Azure shadow tenant, Microsoft will eventually retire it.

This is the workflow Microsoft runs through to verify your identity:

@merill, Microsoft Program Lead for AzureAD

OTP (One Time Passcode) is a new feature, turned on by default, which logs you in. If the customer has disabled the feature, you can still create a Microsoft or Azure Account. If you have a Microsoft account, you are good to go either way.

That means I can now accept Teams invitations without creating shadow tenants. Yay!

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  1. Wie man auf Deutsch so schön sagt: Gut Ding braucht Weile!

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