One thought on “studioOS – a (not) so crazy idea”

  1. Interesting point of view. One thing missing: Bluetooth. That is needed to connect keyboard, mouse and trackpad. Though the Studio Display could support Universal Control.

    My speculation go somewhat in another direction:
    – Apple had to announce Studio Display alongside Mac Studio to deliver a complete story for it.
    – They will announce a 27″ Pro version at the next opportunity i.e. WWDC. It will include panel features people were missing: ProMotion, 120Hz, …
    – Plus an updated Pro Display XDR – better renamed to Max – with an Apple chip (M1?) and memory.
    – Along the Pro versions they announce new capabilities for these displays enabled through a new *OS. And the capabilities will be made available for current Studio Display via software update: AirPlay, Apple TV, Universal Control.
    – …and programming kit? But for what? Gaming? Spatial mic and camera face/hand recognitions could be used for input via mimics, gestures & movements.
    – Maybe using these inputs to design & develop augmented reality apps – instead or together with AR glasses.

    Or are A13 / 64 GB just proof of Tim Cook’s supply chain & reuse optimisation? Though I think the camera/mic/speaker combo has significant potential justifying A13 / 64GB plus an *OS.

    I guess we will know more at WWDC.

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