Apple: Empowering people to live a healthier day

Too often health is something we try not to think
about. We avoid talking about it. We put it off
for another day, a better time. Then, something
unexpected happens: an illness, an unfortunate
incident, or even, as we’ve seen these last two
and a half years, a pandemic. Suddenly, health
becomes everything. Nothing matters more.

Apple is working to change how people think
about, talk about, monitor, and focus on their
health. We feel drawn to this work not only
because of the opportunity to help advance
human health but because we are driven by
our principles to devote talent, resources, and
expertise to where we can do the most good.
We believe passionately that technology can
play a role in improving health outcomes and
encouraging people to live a healthier day.

Apple Health Report July 2022

Apple has certainly improved the quality of my life. #dontbreakthechain. In one episode five years ago they may even have had a part in saving my life.

You may find this 59 page report interesting. There is a lot going on behind buying a smartwatch.