Apple Watch: Less than perfect

I used to close all my rings every single day. In a way, I still do. But I also fail because I am no longer looking. I missed it on September 9 and I missed it again on October 5. That means no more perfect months for me, while I hold up my habit of moving enough every single day. Towards the end of the year I will have 2750 perfect days, more than enough.

The side effect of being sloppy is that challenges become more interesting. This month I was asked to complete 27 (out of 31) days. Easy enough. Although Apple is just as sloppy as I am. For October they are showing 3 days complete although the screenshot above clearly shows 4.

It’s a minor annoyance because Apple sometimes catches up after a few days. And they sometimes forget the awards previously earned. On the upside, since the challenges have suddenly become more reachable, I completed a few in a row.

2 thoughts on “Apple Watch: Less than perfect”

  1. The exercise minutes for the 4th are displayed full-circle but just barely so – are they actually complete (looking at the numbers)?

    1. Yes. Exercise is never a problem. That was already on the second ring. Also, a day later is has caught up, as suspected.

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