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Comments on were always much better than on the rest of the Internet. I attribute this in part to my policy to only keep comments published with a full name.

When I migrated to WordPress, I switched on comment moderation. I needed to approve every person only once and things would run smoothly. A while ago, I had a few people who wanted to test my tolerance, for instance by publishing comments under my own name. Then I switched off auto moderation, and now I must approve every single comment.

That means it may take a little while for your comment to appear. But it also relieves me from deleting comments that have already been published.

There was a grace period where I would inform you if you “forgot” to enter your full name, but that ends now. I just trash the comment.

Spam comments far outnumber regular comments, but Akismet takes care of them. There is quite a bit of housekeeping going on when you allow other people to post to your website without authorization.

This website is more than 20 years old, and I have never used your mail addresses for anything put sending you a direct reply. I don’t to newsletters, I do not keep a list of commenters, I don’t track visitors, I don’t run advertisements, I do not do advertorials.

In summary: this place should not even exist. And that is why it does.

3 thoughts on “Comments are moderated”

  1. And that is why we all love to read not only your posts but also all of the comments.
    Thanks a lot for your effort and the fun we have enjoying it!
    Best regards Matthias

  2. is probably the only place on the internet where I actually read the comments under a post.

  3. > is probably the only place on the internet where I actually read the comments under a post.

    That is so true. I checked a few times today to see if any comments on recent articles had been posted… or approved.

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