YouTube is now so much better on iPhone

I made the YouTube experience much better on the iPhone. So far I used the Brave Browser, but it’s not my default browser. Everytime I clicked a YouTube link, it would open in the app, which I had since removed, or in Safari to immediately start giving me a high-powered pitch through a pre-roll ad.

No more. I installed two content filters in Safari: Vinegar, which removes the ads, and Unsmartifier, which removes the banner coaxing me to install the YouTube app.

[Thanks, Felix]

6 thoughts on “YouTube is now so much better on iPhone”

  1. Mir suche immer noch nach einer Möglichkeit, auf meinem Apple TV YouTube ohne Werbung schauen zu können.

    1. screen share vom iPhone aus? (Hab das allerdings noch nicht ausprobiert für YT)

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