Twitter is now a freemium service

Twitter Blue is not about being verified. It will designate paying customers. And if there is a money trail, the user is known, not necessarily by the name he chose. Twitter will take away features from free users until they pay up.

As simple as that. If you want to stay on Twitter, you will have to pay.

2 thoughts on “Twitter is now a freemium service”

  1. As strange as it may sound, I generally like the idea of freemium social networks.
    I understand, that those companies need to generate turnover. And some time ago, I took the revenue and divided it by monthly active users. In case of Facebook this was roughly $20/year.

    I would be willing to pay those $2/month for an ad-free and private experience. And if one choses the ad-paid version, this is fine for me to. It’s about having a choice.

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