Lenovo ThinkPad Z13/Z16 gen 2

Lenovo has announced a whole lot of incremental updates to all their ThinkPad lines coming this year. No big surprises, but I am happy that they are keeping my favorite series, the Z13 and Z16 with a second generation. Last year they had a Vegan Leather option for the Z13 display lid, which I did not like at all. But I am happy typing away on the aluminium version.

For 2023 they have another odd choice: Flax Fiber with a bronze frame. This is only coming to the Z13. Lenovo is stressing the sustainability of this material, but I am not convinced. The company has improved their packaging a lot and made it almost completely plastic free, which I find more important.

If you can spare an extra 310 €, the Z16 might be the better choice. Often these 16″ models come with a numpad but this one just adds speakers on the side of the keyboard. It has an additional USB 4 port and an SD card reader, both welcome additions.

The Z13 gen 2 (1,19 kg) comes in July, starting at 1649 € and the Z16 gen 2 (1,81 kg) one month later starting at 1959 €.