4 thoughts on “The slow death of Live Audio”

  1. If you ask me, it was already death on arrival. Maybe a nice format during the pandemic, but for most people it just doesn’t fit in their daily routine.

  2. I’m with René, live audio does not suit my routine right now.

    In the past I would often listen to Clubhouse, I followed some cool dude who played great music in a room/stream/club called Music was my first love. I would also listen to BBC Sounds, Radio 6. But no longer, I have reverted back to Podcast mode.

    In fact, I had forgotten that I even had Clubhouse installed on my phone.

    This does make me a bit sad. Especially not listening to Radio 6 which had introduced me to so much new, to me, music. I need to get back into that groove.

  3. Obnoxious. Geiles Wort. Musste ich jetzt erst nachschlagen. Trifft’s aber auf den Punkt.

  4. Notified by you, Volker, I wanted to be part of the moment.
    At that time.
    During the pandemic.
    Missed to find content beyond checking audio gear and people pitching weird self improvement ideas…

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