This is a camera

After crashing one iPhone I am now using Apple’s Clear Case

I find it quite amusing how Techtuber chat up the latest and greatest camera models. To folding revenues of camera manufacturers. Yes, it is not a coincidence that they all come out with their reviews at the same time.

Don’t fear missing out. Camera wars are over and the smartphone won. If you spend 400 Eur and up on a smartphone, you are good. There are measurebators who will tell you that this camera is better than that camera, but I am pretty sure that your quality as a photographer makes a bigger difference.

Don’t love cameras. Love photos.

One thought on “This is a camera”

  1. By and large I agree with you. Still remember standing at a viewpoint in bonny Scotland, waiting for a cloud to move out of the way for some better light. Guy in an expensive car rocks up, gets out with a camera probably 3x as expensive as mine, takes a shitty picture (as the light just wasn’t there that moment), gets back into his car and drives on. A few minutes later the cloud had moved, the sun came out and I was able to take a rather nice picture.

    At the same time, for certain types of pictures you won’t stand a chance with a phone when you’re up against a camera with great optics. But then again I know you’re not talking about that here and I assume the camera reviews you’re mentioning are not about those kind of things.

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