69 days to 3000 #dontbreakthechain

June was a good month. I did not break the chain, which sometimes happens when I am not paying enough attention, and I also met the challenge of burning 771 kcals for 14 days. I am over 400 weeks of not breaking the Move chain (600 kcals) and 69 days from now I will have closed my rings for 3000 days.

I hope you are still with me. vowe recommends Apple Watch.

One thought on “69 days to 3000 #dontbreakthechain”

  1. I started late, just crossed 500 days a month ago. I started because of your #dontbreakthechain challenge, and I am thankful that you keep reminding us. Since I no longer doggedly try to close all the rings all the time, the challenge is also easier for me.

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