2 thoughts on “Ausmalbilder mit Copilot erstellen”

  1. https://shatterzone.substack.com/p/ai-is-coming-for-your-children

    “An adult will have no problem picking this out as just cheap weird shitty AI art. But these books could be quite damaging to little kids. A substantial body of research into emergent literacy (the reading and writing skills possessed by a child before they learn how to formally read or write) has shown that illustrations play a crucial role in transmitting the building blocks of literacy. [..] Small children are info-vacuums, hoovering up observations about the world at a terrifying pace. We know that before they can read, little kids come to understand things like story structure and the meaning of words and phrases by studying the illustrations that accompany text. AI images are generated without any intent or understanding, and as a result they always look somewhat disjointed and off. So the worry here is not just that parents get tricked into buying bad books. It’s that AI books are so incomplete and broken they might fundamentally damage the way young children acquire reading skills.”

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