Microsoft, stop pushing

I used to love Edge, when it was a fast and less privacy invading alternative to Google Chrome. Now I am in the process of removing it everywhere. Skype was the last one to go although I have used the built-in translation a lot.

Microsoft, you are not driving me towards your products. You are just being obnoxious.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft, stop pushing”

  1. What are you switching to & why that particular browser (I’ve been messing around with different browsers lately). Also, purchased a MacBook Pro & am really enjoying it. 😉

  2. For a splendid moment there, Microsoft had the opportunity to be the shining example of privacy and user care.
    “the goodness of chrome without all the Google crap” was an inspired idea.
    Apparently, the small amount of money that MS is making off of Bing is worth selling out Edge (and Windows 10/11).

  3. You are speaking my mind. For a brief moment, Microsoft was ‘good’. Then they started to force their stuff down people’s throats like foie gras geese. I am so fed up with their bland tactics.

    Having searched and tried a little I am also using Brave since some time now. Also playing with Firefox from time to time. I am shifting everything away I can away from Microsoft because I am so apalled.

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