Beats Solo 4: On ear, Bluetooth, USB, Audio

The Beats Solo 4 look like the Beats Solo 3, but they are a major departure. These are on-ear headphones without ANC, and they work equally well with Android and iOS, supporting (a subset) of their native features: Find My (iOS), Find My Device (Android), Spatial Audio with head tracking on iOS, on tap pairing (both). This is truly a bridge device that lives in both ecosystems.

On battery it connects via Bluetooth and runs for 50 hours. If you are running out of battery, it will work forever with just an audio cable, or you can plug it in with USB-C and it will charge, while also providing high bandwidth lossless audio.

I have not tested these headphones, but early reviews indicate that the headset is well tuned and does not require a powered onboard circuit which corrects the frequency response.

Beats Solo 4 are available at Apple and you will have to wait a bit before it becomes available with a discount at other locations.

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