Microsoft, when is “later this year”

Microsoft announced during its Build 2023 developer keynote on May 24 that it will finally allow users to disable the Microsoft News feed that’s found in Windows 11’s widgets board via an update coming later this year, finally offering a layout that only shows your widgets.

Currently, the widgets board on Windows 11 doesn’t have an option to turn off the MSN feed, meaning your widgets are mixed with news and video stories pulled in from the Microsoft News website. 

It’s now December, and I still cannot switch off this junk. My only option is to disable widgets alltogether. This force feeding of your content has poisened Bing, which used to be beautiful and useful, and now even Edge.

Suggestion: remove MSN content from all Microsoft products and then remove MSN personell from Microsoft. They have the reverse Midas touch.

MSN feed to be gone

Microsoft has announced that an update later this year will enable the ability to disable the MSN feed in the widgets board on Windows 11, offering different layouts including one that’s “widgets only”.

Ever since Microsoft introduced the widgets in Windows 11, they have shot themselves in the foot with their horrible, curated newsfeed from MSN. The only way to get rid of it is to disable widgets completely.

My feeling is that Microsoft should axe MSN completely and forever. Just shut the whole thing down. It’s not only polluting Windows but Edge as well.