Winget is your friend

Just a few weeks ago I learned about Winget. It’s a package manager much like the ones you are used to from Linux. Open a terminal window and type “winget list” to see which programs you have installed. Type “winget export myprograms” to export the list, move it to a new computer and type “winget import myprograms”. Boom, it installs everything it can find in the default repository.

This removes a major pain point when testing new hardware. What you see is my new loaner from Microsoft, a Surface Laptop Studio. I will have so say a lot more in my next post. Let me just say, it is my best fit for a laptop.

3 thoughts on “Winget is your friend”

  1. Thank you Volker for this tip. I heard of it but now I had a look and this is really cool stuff!

  2. +1 eigentlich zufriedener chocolatey User, nur der Export und Import der Paketliste ist ein PITA. Werde winget auch mal testen, danke für den Tipp.

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