Google is an advertising company

@tomgara explains it nicely:

It’s pretty simple: Google Meet (original) was previously Meet, which was the rebranded Hangouts Meet. Meet has been merged with Google Duo, which replaced Google Hangouts. Google Duo has been renamed Meet, and Meet has been temporarily named Google Meet (original), for clarity

To be clear, the merger of Google Meet (original) and Google Duo has no impact on Google Chat, the app formerly known as Google Hangouts, which replaced Google Talk, often mistakenly referred to as Gchat

As some have noted, Google Hangouts was replaced by both Google Chat and Google Duo. To be clear: Google Chat launched as Hangouts Chat for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Google Duo replaced Hangouts in the suite of Google apps for Android (not to be confused with G Suite)

To be continued …

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  1. And i have never used or seen any of them. Just heard some of the names.

  2. The phrase „To be clear“ in this message is a tiny bit ironic, isn‘t it? Or is it already sarcasm?

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