Taking a leave from Twitter

The wrecking ball has been taken to Twitter, and much in the same way that I have taken a leave from Facebook, I am now taking a leave from Twitter.

It pays off that I never depended on any commercial network. Xing, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, they have always been playgrounds. This circus has now moved to Mastodon, on the chaos.social instance. My address is @vowe@chaos.social and it resides at chaos.social/@vowe. If you do not intend to join Mastodon, my page also has a public RSS feed: chaos.social/@vowe.rss.

4 thoughts on “Taking a leave from Twitter”

    1. Ello never achieved critical mass. It was a wonderful site, but it had to pivot into a niche, where I could not contribute anymore. I do not consider myself an artist.

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