Interaction on Mastodon is just insane

Yesterday, I posted a poll on Mastodon which received 23,252 replies. That is not a typo – see the screenshot above. 2666 people have boosted the poll, 661 have favorited it. And that is still counting, although the poll has closed.

If I post the same question on Twitter, just replacing the word Mastodon with Twitter, it gets almost nothing. I may have more followers there, but those will never even see the poll, let alone answer with one click.

Heise Online sees the same effect. There are just a lot more click-throughs when they post a new article on Mastodon. Meanwhile Heise Online has launched their own Mastodon Instance and I moved there. Find me at

Twitterrific has been discontinued

A sentence that none of us wanted to write, but have long felt would need to be written someday. We didn’t expect to be writing it so soon, though, and certainly not without having had time to notify you that it was coming. We are sorry to say that the app’s sudden and undignified demise is due to an unannounced and undocumented policy change by an increasingly capricious Twitter – a Twitter that we no longer recognize as trustworthy nor want to work with any longer.

iconfactory January 19, 2023

I don’t want to work with Twitter either. Iconfactory is currently developing a Mastodon client. Find me at

Shariff unterstützt jetzt Mastodon

Mit Shariff schützen Webseiten-Betreiber die Privatsphäre ihrer Besucher vor der übertriebenen Neugierde sozialer Netzwerke wie Facebook oder Twitter. Für die Besucher reicht ein Klick, um eine Seite mit Freunden zu teilen.

So sehen die Buttons aktuell aus

Für Shariff gibt einen WordPress Wrapper als Plugin, den ich jetzt eingebaut habe. Unter jedem Beitrag findet sich nun eine Leiste mit bunten Knöpfen. Wenn Euch etwas fehlt, dann sagt mir Bescheid. Das steht zur Auswahl: addthis, bitcoin, buffer, diaspora, facebook, flipboard, linkedin, mailto, mastodon, mewe, mix, odnoklassniki, patreon, paypal, paypalme, pinterest, pocket, printer, reddit, rss, sms, telegram, threema, tumblr, twitter, vk, wallabag, weibo, whatsapp, xing.

The power of Mastodon

I ran a quick poll yesterday on both Mastodon and Twitter. You can see the polls below, and I will comment on the results further down. The poll wasn’t really meant to find out anything about Covid. There are way better studies out there. What I was trying to find out was how the engagement on Mastodon is, compared to Twitter. Three numbers:

  • Mastodon (2400 followers): 11667 votes, 1381 boosts, 298 favorites
  • Twitter (6800 followers): 330 votes, 22 retweets, 5 likes

I have about three times as many followers on Twitter than on Mastodon, but the engagement is so much higher on Mastodon, that the two do not even compare.

The results are mostly useless. People do not know how often they have been infected and the medical standards vary widely between the US and EU. You can safely assume that there are more infections, but you can also learn that infections are not inevitable. I have many replies from people who mask religiously because they have other medical conditions that would make an infection with Covid-19 much more dangerous that to the average person.

Your next steps:

  1. Sign up for Mastodon. If you have trouble finding an instance, go to
  2. Search for me as and follow.

Find me on Mastodon with my custom mail address

However, there is one thing I would like my own server for: discoverability. Much like with e-mail, I want folks to have an easy address to find me, and one that I can keep giving out to everyone even if later I switch to a different Mastodon server. A bit like e-mail forwarding to your ISP’s e-mail service.

The good news is: you can use your own domain and share it with other folks. It will link to your actual account.

Go on, try it. Search for, and you will find my

Maarten Balliauw

I have adapted his solution and now you can find me on Mastodon by searching for and you get my as If I ever move to a different server, I change the webfinger to the new address.

[Thanks, Andreas]

Taking a leave from Twitter

The wrecking ball has been taken to Twitter, and much in the same way that I have taken a leave from Facebook, I am now taking a leave from Twitter.

It pays off that I never depended on any commercial network. Xing, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, they have always been playgrounds. This circus has now moved to Mastodon, on the instance. My address is and it resides at If you do not intend to join Mastodon, my page also has a public RSS feed: