How to not make things worse

Dear Microsoft. Here is a list of things I want the Start Menu to do:

* Show my installed programs
* Search my local files
* Provide access to system settings

Here is a list of things I do *not* want the Start Menu to do:

* Show the weather for a randomly-selected town near my network’s public IP infrastructure
* Show tabloid headlines
* Show programs I *don’t* have installed
* Search the web via Bing
* Show adverts(!)
* Attempt to engage me in conversation with a hallucinating LLM


Garath Halfacree on Mastodon

Windows 11 maintains itself well. If you just put the machine to sleep it takes care of everything.

The only work I have to do now is to roll back all the junk that Microsoft adds to Windows. Bing was the first victim, then Edge, now Windows itself.

3 thoughts on “How to not make things worse”

  1. linking to our discussion the other day – you don’t have any of that junk / issues with macOS…

  2. Thanks, Volker. I am so sick and tired of getting stuff shoved down my throat by GAFAM and the like more and more, all the time. I am even trying to switch to Firefox 😄

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