Restart your chain #dontbreakthechain

If you broke your chain, just start a new one. I have 144 days to go until I hit my next move goal and I only need to close all rings for seven days in a row to get the award for the New Year challenge. That should be an easy one.

It’s raining cats and dogs, but I will take another walk tonight. I need 19 minutes of exercise and 183 kcal to close my rings, and I will achive that, no excuses.

Sometimes I don’t make it, because I did not pay attentions. Just last week I was missing 3 kcal, but I don’t fret it, because often I am many hundreds above my move goal.

One thought on “Restart your chain #dontbreakthechain”

  1. I always imagine the team at Apple stressed by someone like you. 🙂
    Even more achievements to create, more adjustments of the data models to make…

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