No big surprises at Apple event

The Apple event went as predicted by leaks.

  • New iPad Pro M4 11″ and 13″ Ultra Retina XDR, a dual-layered OLED screen
  • New iPad Air M2 11″ and 13″ Liquid Retina display
  • New iPad Air and iPad Pro now have the camera at the long side, just like the iPad 10
  • New Pencil Pro (149 €) for iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4 with squeeze and rotation gestures and haptic feedback
  • iPad 10 gets a lower entry price. iPad 9 is gone.
  • iPad mini was just a nod at the end of the event without any news
  • New Magic Keyboards for iPad Pro M4 only

In software news Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro get upgraded with stunning new features. Final Cut Camera sherlocks RecNGo.

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