Still blown away by inline translation in Skype

Recently I told you about inline translation in Skype and how it helps me to communicate in Mandarin and Japanese. I was using it on iPhone but now I also logged in on my PC. This has shown me another level of support. I can now see the original and the translation, both ingoing and outgoing. The two screenshots show English/Italian because it is easier to compare than English/Japanese or English/Mandarin. And before you ask, I could also do it with German instead of English.

The inline translation
The original

Also works in Teams. And also works with spoken words.

Automatic translation in Skype and Teams

On Clubhouse I collaborate with people who do not speak each others’ language. There is a backchannel chat but we would have to copy & paste from translation apps.

Skype saves the day. You can enable automatic translation into your own language. No matter what your partner throws at you, it quickly gets translated. This is so amazing.

The same service is also available for Teams, of course.

My screen (left) shows everything in English, her screen shows everything in Japanese. We write in our own language.
Another example: Elsie’s screen (left) shows everything in Mandarin while I mix German and English.