Poly Voyager 5200 :: Insane performance

This gives you an idea of much noise the Voyager 5200 can suppress. The Blueparrott M300-XT really is no competition.

Unfortunately, new Voyager 5200 have an outstanding bug, where it becomes unusable when exposed to noise. Something happens in the software and Poly has yet to ship a fix. The only workaround is a power cycle. How do you notice? You don’t. The person you are talking to will no longer understand you. When you contact support, you get a new device, which will then exhibit the same failure.

I will let you know as soon as Poly issues a firmware update to fix the problem.

How does this not happen in the video? My suspicion is that Danny is not using a new device.

3 thoughts on “Poly Voyager 5200 :: Insane performance”

  1. we have bought a new device this spring and have not had any issue although it is in use several times a week.
    keeping fingers crossed 🙂

  2. They work really well in normal and quiet environments but then somehow get lost in noisy environments or when blowed at. Mine never freaks out even when riding a bicycle but others have not been so lucky.

    I would really like to recommend it but I am holding off until there is fix mentioned in the release notes.

  3. Is it known whether this issue affects new(er) hardware revisions or whether this is strictly dependent on the firmware version on any given device, or a combination of both?

    Case in point: I am on a five year-old Voyager 5200, but on the most current firmware revision (for both the headset and the BT600 dongle).

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