2750 #dontbreakthechain

Sometimes I miss a day by a few calories because I am not paying much attention anymore, but the Apple Watch has formed the habit of getting enough exercise every single day of the week. 2750 days translates to 7.5 years. Just another 2.5 years and I will have done it for ten. #dontbreakthechain

4 thoughts on “2750 #dontbreakthechain”

  1. I’m at 907 move goals; started in juni 2020. Missed some due to illness / operations. The #dontbreakthechain habit is very powerful and has helped me to lose +20kg, and keeping a stable weight the last 6 months. Without a specific diet, but with some changes in what (and when) I eat.

  2. Congratulations. Some how my chain broke 35 days ago. I closed all rings, but the move goal didn’t award it. This at the 5 year chain mark.

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