3000 days #dontbreakthechain

Yesterday I completed 3000 days where I closed all my rings on Apple Watch. That is more than 8 years. My longest streak has been more than a thousand days, but then eventually something happens that makes you miss da day. Sometimes it’s a bug in the software, and other times it is a bug in your body.

Counting from the first day that I closed my rings (600 kcal, 30 minutes exercise, 12 hours standing) it took me 3021 days to get to 3000. At the very end, on September 7 it showed 3000 days, did not give me the award, went back to 2999 and only on September 8 it awarded me.

3000 out of 3021, that is 99.3 % success. Being consistent makes all the difference. No matter what the weather looks like, no matter if you are lazy today, just go out and get moving. Many things happened in those eight years. I had surgery, I woke up in an ICU, I got teeth implanted, but I always picked myself up.

My habits have formed, I rarely check if I completed the rings, and that is how I missed 21 days, sometimes by just three kcal. But every single month looks like this calendar view.