Bing Chat coming to mobile Bing, Edge, Skype apps

In this spirit of learning and continuing to build new capabilities, we’re excited to share today the preview release of the new Bing and Edge mobile apps.  We’re beginning to roll out the incredible capabilities of the new Bing and Edge on your smartphone along with some exciting new features, such as voice input. In addition, we are creating a new chat experience, beginning with Skype, to enhance your social communications with your friends and family.

Coming today, but only if you are already off the waitlist. This is exciting stuff. I use both Edge and Skype, the latter because it has transparent translation, which I rely on for people who speak none of my languages.

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3 thoughts on “Bing Chat coming to mobile Bing, Edge, Skype apps”

  1. The support of natural language is very impressive, but hopefully this does not mislead people to trust the answers without questioning. All of my attempts result in wrong facts or recommendations so far.

    Simple one: No, Schondorf is NOT at the east coast of Ammersee (it’s west!).
    More complex one: No, it’s not a common practice to publish the CRL of a certificate using https.

  2. Wie funktioniert die ” transparent translation” in Skype? Interesse hätte ich schon, zB um mit portugiesisch-sprachigen Leuten zu reden.

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