Jetstreaming new machines

I have a rather good feeling of how fast a machine is when I first try it, but I still like to run a browser benchmark to see if I am right. Since I know dozens of JetStream2 results, this benchmark gives me a good indication if my assessment was right. Everything above 100k feels fast to me, and everything beyond 200k very fast.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook (SD 7c gen2) felt slow to me and a benchmark of 72k showed that I was right. The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro (SD 870) felt slightly faster and in fact it is with a benchmark of 86k. The new Motorola Edge 30 Pro is powered by the SD 8 gen 1 and quite a lot faster.

Just for perspective, my Surface Pro 8 (i7) clocks in at 190k, so did the Surface Laptop Studio (i7), both with the latest Edge version. The iPhone 13 Pro (A15) comes in at 215k and the mighty iPad Pro (M1) at 245k, both with Safari.